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Bienvenue, benvenuto, willkommen, bienvenidos, Καλός ήλθατε, ongi etorri...

For people in hurry  : Code sources are here : https://git.openbeelab.org/openbeelab

General presentation

What is OpenBeeLab

How to use the Wiki

How to Participate (dev)

There is a To-Do List

A mailing list to contact us (developpers): openbeelab-staff@listes.aquilenet.fr

A mailing list to stay tuned (very few news, only when something important happened, approximatively 4 times a year): openbeelab@listes.aquilenet.fr

Our git repos: git.openbeelab.org

Meetings sometimes: meetings page


Le projet openbeelab est très strictement soumis à la méthodologie RACHE

Other OpenBeeLab websites

Git hosted with Gogs to share the code and ticketing software issues

openbeelab.org Presentation website

System architecture

Project overview

Net Infrastructure

tinc mesh VPN


Data Bases



database geography

data taxonomy







OpenBeeLab hardware

Beehive equipments

Beelance - 6- Le kit super easy (en développement)

Beelance - 5- un pas vers la version kit.(en développement)

Beelance - 4- version actuelle, actual (difficile à fabriquer)

Beelance - 3- obsolete

Beelance - 2- obsolete

Beelance - 1- obsolete

Apiary hotspots

hotspot - 1 - Not ready

Autonomous temperature sensor

OpenBeeLab softwares

embeedian notre sous-distribution debian pour les ruches connectées



Hyve building

Hyve building

Idées à creuser


Liens documentations


Liens outils



Rencontres openBeeLab

rencontre d'octobre 2017

lieu: fablab coh@bit, université de Bordeaux

Raspberry PI 0w Version

This version in under build (05/2018) and clearly not finalized. But this wiki will be used to capitalize the work done for sharing in full opensource mind and way to work/live.

The objective of this version is to use a really known component : the raspberry Pi. We will focus only in one version the pi zero w
More details about this version can be find here : https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/pi-zero-w/
The usage of this version is quite interesting for many reasons :

  • The size, really tiny.
  • Wifi and Bluetooth already included
  • Linux distro installation really easy and well described on many website. Nothing new here.
  • The electric consumption of the compute/memory/storage is around 120ma and can be reduce if we remove Hdmi later on (once installation done). This mean that for a all day long we will consume around 3A that can be managed by a classic bicycle battery 12v 7a/H + tiny solar panel. ( to be proof by real life tests)

Steps to be done currently :

In parallel to that, we will store below the scripts made (may be stored at the end in git repo)

- Script corner.

For any contact you can reach us on IRC on freenode on #openbeelab.